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One of my favorite things in life is taking pictures of families. Young, old, photogenic or not. I love getting to know families, spending time as we take pictures. I like to focus on candid fun with your family and also some good posed pictures. You don't have to worry about feeling awkward or not know what poses to do, I will take care of you!   



1-1.5 hour session 


I offer multiple portrait collections to choose from, designed to give you everything you want and need for your home.


Officially Booking:

Contact me with the contact form on this website. I will send you information about the family shoot and also my calendar where you can book your family session. I also have you book a consultation with me to discuss discuss location, clothing do's and dont's, hair & makeup, and go over some of the print products that I offer.

Preparing for your photoshoot: 

Make sure to press and lay out your families clothing the day before. Include shoes and accessories. This helps eliminate stress with the family on the day of the shoot. I suggest that you book girls hair appointments in advance and get your boys haircuts 1 week prior to the shoot. Also please have your girls nails either painted or no paint at all (I've seen lots of chipped nail polish).

Day of Session: 

It is time to make some magic! We will meet at the location you chose. We will have so much fun taking pictures at the location you chose! No matter where we go, we will find some awesome spots to shoot. One tip, optional of course, is to have your kids and your husband leave their phones in the car. Teens on their phones during a photoshoot is hard, and when they put it in their pocket it shows in the images. Best to just leave them altogether so you can all enjoy being together taking pictures.

The Reveal:

Right after your session you will receive a sneak peek within 3 days and within 2-3 weeks you will meet with me to decide your absolute favorites from your session. This is the time you can choose what digital package works best for you and what additional artwork you want in your home to make you swoon every time you pass it. All decision makers MUST be at this appointment.